Construction Management

Here at APM associates we do believe that Construction management is the service that can act as a mode of interaction between the owner and a project. Quality, Quantity, schedule, monitoring, Risk management and maintenance all comes under the umbrella of management of construction managers. Our construction managers involve themselves in the project and oversee the entire project directly and represent the owners interests.

By combining education and experience of work with owners makes our Construction managers uniquely qualified, their knowledge of management techniques and experience makes them specify the projects objectives and requirement of resources. They discuss all the parameters with the contractor, architect, owner and other stakeholders to analyze the best possible sequence of construction operations and develop a detailed schedule to flt in the budget, keeping in mind the project safety and all the risk factors.

Our Construction management team do make a difference, their technical skills do include project management information system, complex planning techniques like complex path method and knowledge of various construction methods, which makes them best in class. Our Professional Construction managers manage the project according to the industry standards practices and deliver the success out of it. Their technical knowledge and practice standards addresses all the six areas of construction management services i.e schedule , cost, quality, safety, function and scope.