Facility Maintenance

Effective and efficient delivery of support services to the client organization is the main focus of our facility maintenance team. We do work as an identity which binds technology, people, place and processes within the built environment, with an aim to improve the quality of life of people and promise a hassle free future.

With the main objective being coordinating the supply and demand of any facility, our team of Facility maintenance managers involve themselves in the various services which comes under the facility maintenance to improve the effectiveness of the primary activities of any organization. Our team of professionals do cover all the aspects by allocating the team experienced in a particular service such as infrastructure, lighting, furniture, IT-services, transportation, custodial, grounds maintenance and other user specific requirements. All these services are provided by our managers with best possible outcomes still keeping in mind the budget, time, proper and limited use of resources.

Our Facility maintenance professionals always implies a diversified approach so that each and every small aspect of basic livelihood should be taken care of. Our facility maintenance managers classifies themselves into two major teams:

  1. First team of managers took care of all the physical built infrastructures and space related services such as furniture, design, workplace construction, occupancy, lease etc.
  2. Second team dedicated themselves to the work related to the occupational and work persona such as hospitality, catering, cleaning, accounting, marketing, human resources etc.

Basically our main motive of this service is to balance the coordination between the physical place and the people by integrating the fundamentals of architecture, business administration and engineering sciences. This makes one of the best of all.