Residential Construction

An proactive approach to protect and maintain the existing pavements by integrating various sets of practices is what we call as pavement preservation. Our experts integrate their in-depth knowledge and experience to implement these practices to obtain the best possible outcome. All these measures should be cost effective and follow all the safety standards are the basic set of protocols which we follow while providing our services. In short it is providing right treatment to the right road at the right time.

All of our pavement preservation techniques extend the lifecycle and serviceability of the pavement and pays off to keep our architecturally sound roads In good condition. To achieve all this, our team focuses on all the important aspects which includes monitoring of aging, oxidation level checking, extent of surface deterioration and monitoring all types of wear and tear on a day to day basis. All these efforts guarantee a longer lifecycle and a low cost maintenance. We do believe that every penny spent on the pavement preservation techniques will save a lot of money in restructuring cost.

Our pavement preservation team of experts implements various preservation techniques for a longer lifecycle, these techniques include micro surfacing, chip seal(AST), slurry seal, thin overlays, fog seal, crack seal and other techniques. All our efforts are always cost effective and promises various aspects such as:

  1. Performance: Our all pavement techniques promise improved pavement performance and increase in the time period between reconstruction.
  2. Safety: All our work treatments are done in off peak hours and in less dense work zones which reduce the probability of incidents and provides a safe environment for all.
  3. Savings: All our treatments are very cost effective and contribute in the savings for other future tasks.