Site Location

First step in the way of any construction is the selection of location, which act as a prime factor in deciding any facility’s future. Our team of experienced professionals determines all the necessary requirements for any facility to operate efficiently and then start the search for best possible site location, which reflects their in depth knowledge and experience. We classify our site location search into different criteria depending upon the nature of facility, whether the facility is a mining industry or a residential structure our team picks out the perfect location which proves its worth in present and future as well.

Our site selection ticks all the boxes and proves to be the best and promises a future full of possibilities. we follow some fundamental points so that our selected site can promise all the necessary comforts, some of which are:

  1. We believe that any site for residential construction should not be located near workshops or factories because such location are subjected to continuous noise.
  2. We always prefer the site with good transport facility, so no inconvenience caused.
  3. Enough availability of mineral ore is the basic deciding factor of any site for any mining infrastructure.
  4. All the basic civic services such as water supply, drainage sewers, electric lines, telephones line etc should be easy reach for any residential society.
  5. Schools, hospitals, grocery stores should be situated near the residential complex.
  6. Good foundation soil should be present at responsible depth so that quite a bit of money can be saved in the cost of the building.

All above points proves their big worth in our selection procedure and produces the best results and satisfies all the requirements. Construction on the selected site promises a high quality standard life and a hassle free stay with a scope of futuristic developments. All our services and measures makes us one of the best in this business.